Top cannabis events in Germany 2023: Explore the fascinating world of cannabis

by Melanie Hermann07.06.2023News

The year 2023 promises a wealth of exciting cannabis events in Germany. From trade fairs and conferences to demonstrations and professional congresses, these events offer a variety of opportunities to stay informed about the latest developments in the cannabis industry, network with like-minded individuals, and engage in discussions. Below, we present the most interesting events.

Hempsfair in Frankfurt:

Date: April 28-30, 2023

Website: Hempsfair Frankfurt

Hempsfair is a trade fair dedicated to all things hemp. Visitors have the opportunity to explore a wide range of exhibitors showcasing innovative hemp products and services. From CBD oils and cosmetics to textile products and supplements, there is a diverse array of hemp products to discover. Additionally, the fair offers informative lectures and workshops on various aspects of hemp cultivation and consumption.

The Body in Cologne:

Date: May 4-6, 2023

Website: The Body Köln

As the name suggests, The Body is an event that combines hemp and wellness. From CBD wellness products to alternative therapies, yoga, and meditation, The Body provides a unique opportunity to explore the health-promoting aspects of cannabis.

Global Marihuana March

Date: from 06. Mai 2023

Website: GMM

The Global Marijuana March (Globaler Marihuana-Marsch) is a worldwide event where people advocate for the legalization of cannabis. This march also takes place in Germany and provides a platform for activists, patients, and enthusiasts to come together and advocate for a (global) reform of cannabis legislation. The march occurs annually and includes demonstrations, rallies, and informational events. The goal is to draw attention to the benefits of cannabis and the necessity for revised legislation.

Cannabis Business Europe 2023 in Frankfurt:

Date: May 25-26, 2023

Website: Cannabis Business Europe 2023

Cannabis Business Europe is a highly significant conference and expo for the cannabis industry in Europe. It brings together leading industry experts, investors, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest developments, opportunities, and challenges in the cannabis sector. The event provides a platform for networking, informative presentations, panel discussions, and the introduction of new ideas in the field of cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Congress in Berlin:

Date: June 1-2, 2023

Website: Medical Cannabis Congress Berlin

The most important congress for medical cannabis and its applications in Germany, the 4th Medical Cannabis Congress in Berlin provides medical professionals, researchers, patients, and interested individuals with the opportunity to exchange knowledge about the latest scientific findings, treatment options, and legal frameworks related to medical cannabis. The event offers informative lectures, workshops, and panel discussions.

MaryJane in Berlin:

Date: June 23-25, 2023

Website: MaryJane Berlin

MaryJane is an international cannabis expo and conference taking place in Berlin. The event offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and products in the cannabis industry. In addition to exhibitions and lectures, there are also networking opportunities and panel discussions on various aspects of cannabis consumption for medical and recreational use, especially considering the forthcoming legalization.

Global Investment Forum in Berlin:

Date: June 27, 2023

Website: Global Investment Forum Berlin

The Global Investment Forum in Berlin is an exclusive event focusing on investments in the cannabis industry. Investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts come together to discuss investment opportunities. The event features presentations from promising startups, networking opportunities, and the chance to engage with leading investors.

HamCan in Hamburg:

Date: July 28-29, 2023

Website: HamCan Hamburg

HamCan is a two-day event in Hamburg that focuses on the variety of hemp products and the exchange of knowledge about cannabis. Visitors can explore exhibitor booths, attend workshops and lectures, and participate in panel discussions. The event provides an opportunity to learn more about various aspects of hemp cultivation, processing, and consumption.

Hanfparade in Berlin:

Date: August 12, 2023

Website: Hanfparade Berlin

Hanfparade is an annual demonstration in Berlin advocating for the legalization of cannabis. Thousands of people gather to promote open discussion about cannabis consumption, the legalization of cannabis, and drug policy reform. The event includes speeches from activists, music, information about cannabis, and a peaceful march through the streets of Berlin.

CannaFair in Düsseldorf:

Date: August 25-27, 2023

Website: CannaFair Düsseldorf

CannaFair in Düsseldorf is a trade fair and conference that focuses on various aspects of the cannabis industry. Visitors can discover products and services related to cannabis. From CBD products and medical cannabis to cultivation equipment and lifestyle products, the fair offers a wide range of exhibitors catering to diverse interests.

Vision.A in Berlin:

Date: Autumn 2023 (exact date yet to be announced)

Website: Vision.A Berlin

Vision.A is a conference and expo that focuses on the medical use of cannabis and the future of pharmacies. Pharmacists, medical professionals, and healthcare industry experts come together to discuss medical cannabis, pharmaceutical innovations, and new treatment approaches. The event offers lectures, presentations, and networking opportunities.

Canna.Be in Freiburg:

Date: December 2023 (exact date yet to be announced)

Website: Canna.Be Freiburg

Canna.Be is a cannabis event in Freiburg where visitors can experience lectures, workshops, and exhibitions related to medical cannabis, sustainable cultivation, lifestyle products, and alternative therapies. The event provides a platform for knowledge exchange and exploration of the possibilities of cannabis as a natural resource.

The bottom line:

The cannabis events in Germany in 2023 offer a wide range of opportunities to stay informed about the latest developments in the cannabis industry and engage with like-minded individuals. From trade fairs and conferences to demonstrations and professional congresses, there is something for everyone interested in cannabis. These events showcase the diversity and potential of the cannabis industry and contribute to the dialogue about its future, which is particularly important in light of the upcoming legalization.


Written by Melanie Hermann

I am Melanie Hermann, cannabis medicine expert, cannabis nurse, cannabis sommelier, cannabis & alternative medicine consultant and cannabis patient myself. My passion lies in educating about cannabis and bringing this wonderful plant out of the drug corner and into the medicinal and useful plant world. I assist in understanding and utilizing the possibilities of cannabis as a therapeutic option. My goal is to provide access to cannabis as a cure for all patients, without bureaucratic hurdles.


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